Who am I?

I exist as the personless background of life.

Actually everyone does, but the vast majority of human beings think they are this foreground thing, this person, with a personal history, having thoughts all the time.

This foreground identity rides the human roller coaster of joys and sorrows of human life, and eventually dies.

But the background is infinite and nothing injures it. The background is the intimate knower which you know as “I”.

If you transcend the ego you see it clearly. Doing its thing, playing out its dramas.

But now that its activity is not energised by a sense the ego is “I” it cannot maintain its existence. The ego required this sense of identity in order to persist. It’s food has been cut off at the source and it withers and dies like a neglected plant.

Now where am I?

I  watch all this play out. Now I am love unfettered by the petty demands of the ego. Now I am no longer a person at all. Now there is no longer a central character. 

You can say “you are not a person” a thousand times, but if they are not ready to hear it, it falls on deaf ears. So embedded is this sense. It is not even questioned. We may question whether or not there is a God or any other deep question, but we do so from the perspective of being a seperate human being. 

If our first question is taken for granted to such an extent that is never asked, and we assume a mistaken identity, then how can the answers to all our subsequent questions be correct?

We have begun with an error because we haven’t asked the most basic question “who am I?” And from there on, all our answers are based on a false assumption. This is the ignorance of human life.

You can transcend it.

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