The creative principle 


If we think intelligently about oneness being awareness, or “the witness” a nagging question should arise; “what about the creative power of oneness?”.

In other words, regarding the creative powers of “All that is” or “God”, we have a pretty significant “Exhibit A”.  That is: the known universe.

Awareness seems like a passive quality. It receives all, but does nothing. Awareness is still a useful word in this conversation, because when we talk about consciousness in relation to human beings, we think about thoughts. So it is useful to talk about awareness of thoughts.

And hence we come to the question about awareness and the creative principle.

The answer is to understand that human beings are unconscious. At first glance that might seem mad, but we dig a little deeper it proves illuminating.

The human being is a complex biological machine, which presents brain activity to awareness.

Conscioussness is singular, exists outside time and space and permeates everything.

Once we have established the truth that human beings are unconscious, then the word “consciousness” becomes better than “awareness” because consciousness can be better understood to have qualities such as volition, creativity and intelligence.

When we look at physical matter down to its smallest particles it reveals itself to be waves of energy, and not anything “solid” at all. 

With this in mind, one can see the Big Bang as an energetic expression of consciousness, ergo; everything in the universe is an expression of God.

In this paradigm, all our likes and dislikes, our opinions, religions and ideas are only meaningful within the human mind.

And the human mind is just one flourishing of a beautiful, self aware universe. We are That. Quite literally; we are that singular consciousness. Creator and witness. Infinite and utterly undefinable.

We are the ocean in which waves of expression arise and fall. We see this human mind and we see it think it is separate and limited. This little swirling eddy of thoughts in a river of billions of eddies. 

Sometimes and eddy runs out of the conditions which sustain it. The limited becomes infinite. The whole is bliss. Sit Chat Ananda – Being, Consciousness, Bliss.

This is the ocean. 

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