Spacious allowing 

A guide for peace and spontaneity. 
I used to drive to work with a lot of angry thoughts about other drivers. 

They were either too slow or too aggressive or didn’t indicate, or a hundred other faults which made me fume and curse, or occasionally ‘flip the bird’.

And for what? A terrible mood and no doubt overworked adrenal glands. This way of being also reinforced the idea of a separate self.

 Driving is a great microcosm of the way the mind creates the ego and how the ego wants to be first all the time and gets frustrated when it is thwarted.

That makes driving in traffic the perfect environment for practice. It’s a situation we’re familiar with, it can make our blood boil relatively easily and we do it at least twice nearly every day.

Try beginning your day cultivating a “spacious allowing”. This could be part of a meditation practice but you can also achieve it as you go about showering and breakfast etc.

It’s a matter of choosing what’s right for you. Perhaps playing beautiful music instead of listening to a noisy radio station, or visualising a wide open sky with clouds rolling by. Maybe imaging a a soft glow emanating from your heart. Perhaps all of these.

A spacious allowing means simply sllowing what is. In the context of driving it’s about not expecting other drivers to drive how you would like them to.

Spacious allowing accepts that the roads are full of all kinds of drivers, including slow, aggressive and non-indicating drivers. The cultivation of this attitude might be hard to maintain to begin with. 

That’s a good thing because it is holding a mirror to your mind and showing you what is. After a while you will notice pleasant differences in your driving experience. You will be more courteous, allow more drivers in. Receive more smiles and waves (instead of scowls and rude gestures) and you will arrive at your destination lighter and happier and in a better state to have a good day.

Spacious allowing loosens the grip of the ego and can permeate ones existence 24/7. It can be cultivated and practiced in any circumstances and opens the heart to the present moment allowing for spontaneous living and being.

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