The sense of an individual self is so ubiquitous that even in the traditional idea of heaven you imagine individual souls dwelling there, with God as a kind of overseer.

Hell, likewise, is pictured as being peopled with individual souls presided over by the devil. This is a perfectly dualistic dichotomy.

The reality of the world as a seamless whole can be experienced directly.

The greatest aid to abiding in this oneness is simply the willingness to give up its opposite, that is; all phenomena of duality: a seperate self, the ego, personal identity etc.

Christ said “The wages of sin is death”. If we take sin to be duality and see it as error, or ignorance, rather than wrongdoing, then the wisdom of the statement is profoundly seen. The price of duality is death, because the ego, the personality, dies.

But when the Self is realised, there is no death, because the Self is timeless and cannot be so much as scratched. 

The kingdom of heaven, or Nirvana, then, is indeed close at hand. It need not be attained through purification, but the process itself is purifying in that it burns away the ego, just as the sun may burn away low cloud cover in summer.

The biggest obstacle to enlightenment is clinging to things which you don’t want to give up. Generally, seekers want to add enlightenment to their individual self, but this is impossible. Enlightenment is the end of the individual self.

In enlightenment there is not a person, no centre, just sensations appearing in awareness. 

That is why no person can claim to be enlightened. Who is claiming it? Who is speaking?

Enlightenment is more like the popping of a bubble, than a bubble attaining any special attribute. 

Low and behold, the background behind the bubble was always enlightenment! 

Can the disappeared bubble claim to be enlightened? Ha ha! 

But has something happened? Yes. Awakening, or enlightenment has happened. There is just no one left to claim it.

As the bubble begins to clear, love begins to shine through it. When the bubble pops, love shines unimpeded.

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