Who is writing / who is reading this?

Writers block

These words are simply happening. Writing is happening. And reading it happening. No person is writing this. Just writing happening.

No person is reading this.
If you are reading this and you think you are person, the statement is still true.

The same awareness that is present in the writing of these words is present in the reading of these words. There is no difference. This does not mean there are two identical awareness’s. There is one seamless awareness.

The mind that writes this is different from the mind that reads this.
But minds are not conscious beings. Minds are mental processes illuminated by the One Awareness.

Reading these words you are aware of the words. They are black squiggles.
But without the white background of the words there cannot be words. Yet we are unconscious of the background. The background is essential and it is undifferentiated, seamless.

When we are alerted to the background, we experience it. we become aware of it and it is obvious. It is obvious that it has always been there. It was there before we became consciously aware of it. We realise we were always experiencing it.

Enlightenment is the same. We are unaware of it, then it is pointed out to us, we experience it and we realise it was always there and we were always experiencing it.
We didn’t become enlightened, we became aware of our enlightenment.

Essentially, we stepped back from the illusion of personhood.
Where now, is anxiety? Where now, is suffering

All our problems relate to separation. A problem is a dissatisfied relationship between two things.

For instance, the dissatisfaction between the state of the environment, and our idea of how the environment should be. Or the dissatisfied relationship be our financial state and how we would like our financial state to be.

As soon as we satisfy one relationship, another unsatisfied relation appears. Because this is what the mind does. And it is both good and bad. It is a trait of growth and progress, for instance if we want to cross a chasm in the wilderness we have a dissatisfied relationship between where we are and where we want to be. So we build a bridge. Or we cure disease, or we build a rocket to get to the moon, or we pick flowers for the girl of our dreams.

But this process can also go haywire. Is it not the mechanism of depression, anxiety and OCD? The cure is not in satisfying the relationships but in realising the Oneness and seeing that there are not two things and therefore no unsatisfied relationships.

This does not mean and end to building bridges or curing diseases. It is an end to the dysfunctional process of the brain, which is related to identity as an individual self.
It is the beginning of wisdom. In oneness the reality that the chasm we want to cross is apparent, frees us from neurotic responses and enables the mind to problem solve free of ego. In this way the beauty of a human being is expressed, not the malfunction of ignorance.

Where is war in Oneness? Where is greed, violence, selfishness or hostility?
Where is bigotry or prejudice?

Here is the door to peaceful cooperation, creativity and exploration.

It’s as obvious as the white background behind these words.




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