The mystery at the heart of creation

There is a mystery at the heart of things which is beyond human comprehension​. 

It can be known, intimately. 

The difficulty is bringing it back through the human brain and communicating through language, art, music, or any other means.

It is impossible. But in each of these forms of expression, words, art and music (as well as mathematics and science), something of its essence can be captured. 

Something of the mystery, albeit infinitesimal next to the infinite, is sometimes created, and this creation has the intangible qualities of truth, mystery and elevation.

These expressions act as pointers. The state they create in the mind is one of receptivity. 

Emotions can also engender this state. Deep love, gratitude, wonder, devotion, longing, worship.

In these moments we are close! So close to transcending the self and realising the Self.

The intellect must be combined with something of the heart. An openness, an availability, a receptiveness, a willingness. 

In this attitude, something happens. Something miraculous, and at the same time natural.

 Hate and bias cannot pass through the gate. They are like a javelin through the heart which prevents it passing through.

Love is the key. Fill your being with love. Abide in love. Bliss is yours.

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