Freedom from being the “do-er”

The greatest freedom is freedom from being the doer. We think we are the doer in our life and so pressure comes on every decision we make. 

We become anxious that every choice we make is the right one. We imagine an alternative future we may have had if we made other choices.

These alternative futures do not exist. They are imaginary. Nothing could have happened other than what happened.

If we release this false idea of doership, then we find that life continues naturally, but without the anxiety of being the driver.

Imagine driving a car 24/7. It would be exhausting! We are like someone who has all the stress of driving a car, when all the time the car is self-driven!

The human system will respond to life according to its nature. 

And by the very act of releasing doership, that nature will change. It will become looser, freer. It will settle into its own rhythm with universe. You can trust that a human beings highest, most pure fruition will come from this state.

Doership becomes none other than neurotic interference of a system that will run better without interference.

In reality we are not the doer, we just think we are, and this false thought is the driver of suffering. 

It is the attachment of stress and anxiety to actions which will occur anyway.

We are the boundless consciousness in which all things arise.

Thinking we are the doer of a specific human being is thinking small!

For thousands of years sages have known this. Realise the Self. Abide in bliss.

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