Thoughts on thoughts

Just as a plant needs water and sunlight to grow, so a thought needs attention.

Show no interest in a thought, it withers and dies.

*   *   *

A thought is like a balloon. It is inflated by our attention. 

Anxiety is a thought.

* * *

A thought is like a pussycat which can be turned into a tiger, just by looking at it.

* * *

When we think about something for a long time, notice that the thoughts are not continuous. 

There is a chain of thoughts. One thought gives rise to the next. 

The chain can be broken. Starve it of energy. Starve it of attention.

* * *

Thinking can be a useful tool. Reasoning, problem solving, creativity; all useful.

But mostly our thoughts are not useful. Often they are destructive.

Thoughts are like a power tool which we have forgotten to turn off.

When it’s not in use, switch it off.

This means de-power the thoughts. Relax. Save energy!

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