Being human

A human being is a composite of disparate strands.

From these disparate strands the mind creates the illusion of persistence by constantly moving from one strand to another.

For example the mind may follow a chain of arising thoughts. It may then move from the thoughts to an itch on the foot. Then it will be distracted by the sound of a buzzing fly. Then an emotion of irritation will arise.

All these are ways in which the ego convinces itself of its perpetual existence.

But the truth is there is no perpetual existence for the human being. There is constant change. Constant arising, falling and rearranging the strands that comprise the being.

All this plays out in the persistent and eternal light of consciousness.

This is the element without which the idea of a human being collapses.

If there is one error in our understanding of reality is that we believe the brain is an engine of consciousness.

When it is seen that in fact consciousness is singular and permeates everything, indeed contains everything, then our knowing of “I” shifts.

In fact our knowing of “I” expands to encompass everything.

We see that consciousness  witnesses the thoughts generated by the brain. It illuminates them. Consciousness combined with the brain creates the mind.

The mind is a natural phenomenon. We are not the mind. We are that which witness, that which illuminates the mind.

This can be experienced directly. We can witness the mind. But we cannot witness the witnesser, because this is as far back as we can go.

We are not anything we can witness. That which can be witnessed is an object. That which witnesses is the subject.

There’s nothing we can say, therefore, about who we are that any other human being cannot say about themselves also.

This point is crucial. Anything we can say about ourselves which is unique, can be witnessed. Therefore it is not who we are. Who we are is singular and universal, explicitly one.

So we are not the human being. We are awareness. Awarenes which here is dressed up as a human being, there it’s dressed up as a tree. In the sky it’s dressed up as a star.

That’s who you are. We can find it within our own experience. When it is Realised the ego loses all that maintained and sustained it. It’s like a balloon with a hole it. It deflates.

Now we can be what we already are, which is love.

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