The object on the chair

As you read this, pause and contemplate what is sitting on your chair (or the floor, or whatever).

Include your brain and any phenomena of it, such as your thoughts and feelings.

The truth is both good and bad news. It’s bad news for the ego. The ego wants to live forever and is afraid of non-existence.

The good news is nothing sitting on the chair (or the floor, or whatever) including your brain and all the phenomena of it, is what you really are.

What you really are, never dies. What you really are was never born.

Abide in what you really are. Leave the object sitting on the chair to itself. It will think, as well as it can think. It will do, as well as it can do.

The object on the chair may have problems. But what you really are has never had a problem and never will.

Treat the world with compassion. Including the object on the chair.

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