The primacy of consciousness


We can look at the universe in two ways. Either matter is primary, ie: The Big Bang set off a chain of events which lead to biological entities with the facility of consciousness, or that consciousness is primary and created a universe whose physical structure and laws are precisely set to lead to complex biological entities. The universe meeting itself.

The former holds no great evidential advantage over the later. In fact it makes less sense. The latest scientific discoveries in the fields of both consciousness and quantum mechanics sway us toward the idea that consciousness is primary. This is both an ancient and a very new idea. We knew it in the roots of our myths and religions. We rejected it in our age of mechanical, Newtonian scientific understanding, and now we embrace it in our deeper quantum physics discoveries.

We may take our heart, or our head, or both. There are many paths. And just as all rivers flow to the sea, so our multitudinous paths all lead to the Oneness which is everything. Amen.

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