The dangers of spiritual pride

Enlightenment does not adorn the seeker like an accomplishment. It is the end of the seeker.  Pride in ones spiritual progress reinforces the ego and maintains Maya (illusion).

Even effort should not be a source of pride. It is by grace that one makes effort . Be thankful that you are inspired!

The one that practiced forty years cannot look down on the novice. The novice could awaken at any moment!

Whenever one awakens, it will always be now.

Imagining one will awaken in some distant time is a trick of the ego, who does not want awakening to happen, for it is the end of the ego. 

Ego wants certificates of achievement along the way, but no final awakening.

There may be spiritual powers (siddhis) one can master. But beware, these may merely inflate the ego.

Anything that reinforces the idea that there is a person present, especially one who is special, is a hindrance.

What you are is everything, what you are is beyond expression.

But none of that is personal, or anything to do with the person you think you are.

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