Now is whole and perfect

Now is whole and perfect. The mind will reject this statement. But it is true.

The mind will bring up all sorts of problems in the world and ask “how  can this be perfect?”. From inside the bubble of Maya, this is a perfectly reasonable objection.

But from without it is seen that the statement is true. 

It is also a statement which requires wisdom in its utterance. For instance if someone has just suffered a great loss, it would not be kind or compassionate to say “The world is whole and perfect”.

One who chooses truth over kindness and compassion acts from the ego. Why should we be in such a hurry to tell the truth that we would hurt somebody’s feelings at a time when they are already suffering greatly?

Everyone will know the truth eventually, there is no need to bludgeon people with it.

Wisdom knows when to speak, and when to remain silent.

Nevertheless, despite all the problems in the world, now is whole and perfect. The whole profusion of life is held in love, held in a deep allowing.

This doesn’t mean that kindness and compassion should cease, or aren’t necessary. We should always act with kindness and compassion.

The wise person knows that now is whole and perfect, and acts with kindness and compassion toward those who are tossed about in the turmoil of Maya.

This is acting from serenity, acting from stillness, acting with love.

We are not the doer, and there is no contradiction here. Opening our heart is to allow the divine will act through us, over and above any tendencies or our nature.

Now is whole and perfect. It lacks nothing. Rest in this. Act from this.

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