The problem of evil

When we look at acts of terrorism or the abuse of children and many other acts we consider evil, and we understand the universe to be a manifestation of consciousness, then we ask why is evil a manifestation of consciousness? Especially if consciousness is said to be effulgent with love.

Love us actually a key here. Love does not limit. Love allows freedom. And one of those freedoms is evil.

Evil exists only as a potential until it is actualised by a being capable of actualising it.

A universe without the potential for evil might seem desirable but it would also render good deeds meaningless, as there could be nothing but good deeds. 

If consciousness is to know consciousnesses then it must do so unfettered. Deeply this is seen as love, to allow evil. To allow all potential, without favour is to allow freedom. Suffering is a potential. 

But it is the allowing of evil and suffering as potentials that make meaningful the potentials for love and kindness.

If we look deeper still we see that love is a quality if oneness, whereas evil is a quality if separation. My religion, my race versus other are expressions of separation. 

Given that separation is an illusion then its progeny, such as evil, war and hate, are also ultimately illusionary.

Therefore, react to evil acts not with hate or phenomena of separation, but with love, kindness and forgiveness, for these alone are eternal and real.

If an act or thought reinforces separation, then it reinforces Maya, the illusion of separation, in which uniquely, suffering can exist.

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