Beyond the separate self

The idea that we are a seperate self is a habit derived from conditioning.

When the illusion is broken it does not look so robust. The gaps become obvious, and what was one solid now looks like separate strands which are no longer woven together by the mind.

As these words are written, they are selected for how little they take away from the truth. And all words take away a lot. As soon as perfection is rendered into language it has lost much of its inherent purity.

There is a Sanskrit term Sat Chit Ananda, which means being, consciousness, bliss. This is the background of life. It is always there. It is the space in which all phenomena arise.

The mind blocks out this background by painting an incessant foreground of thought in front of it.

It is not a question of stopping these thoughts, although allowing space between them can be illuminating, but rather to consider “To whom do these thoughts appear?”.

Ultimate it is seen that these thoughts appear in pure consciousness. 

Everything is as it was. Yet utterly different.

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