Relax, it’s just the universe happening 

Thoughts appear in awareness. They don’t belong to anybody. A breeze rustles the leaves of a tree. It’s the same thing. It’s just happening.
The idea of a person is constructed by thoughts. It’s a flimsy construction, it can only think of one thing at once so it constantly scans. It scan the world and plasters the world with its labels.

It scans memories and references and emotions, constantly painting a world which is disappearing as quickly as it paints. It’s very busy, this idea of a person.

And it’s not real. Yet we identify with it. Personally and deeply. We think it is us, with its family and history and hopes and dreams and fears.

But what we are is I. I is the the witness of the thoughts. I is colourless, clear, pure awareness. I is infinite. I is love.

And there is only one I. Awareness is. It’s not generated by a brain. Brains and minds and bodies and the universe appear within it.

This is what you are. The one seamless aliveness which is happening.

Awakening is resting under a tree and watching the shifting light through the branches. Awakening watches the mind in the same way. There is no ownership of thoughts. Thoughts are phenomena like light shifting in the branches of a tree.

Relax. It’s just the universe happening.

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