An experiment in awareness.

If you wear reading glasses, and you remove them and look at some text, something interesting about awareness happens. The text becomes blurry. Perhaps unreadable. No surprises there; But awareness is pristinely aware of this blurriness. Try it. There’s no gap, or deficiency in awareness. This goes for all the senses. If you are hearing […]

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Suffering. These things I have seen. Why it is useful to distuinguish between pain and suffering and how we can have one without the other. Suffering exists as the relationship between the body/mind and discomfort/pain. It can (obviously) be physical or mental/emotional. Why does it exist ‘as the relationship’ not as the pain itself? Because […]

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What is as human?

What are you? At the core of our identity is a false assumption. Both science and advaita spirituality challenge and dismantle our notions of self. We think we are a body, with a brain. We understand that the body processes stimuli and constructs a multi-sensory representation of the world from the stimuli. Actually, sometimes we […]

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Death before death

Some people take their own lives. The tragedy is that instead of ending the life of the body/mind, they could end the life of the ego only. Then the body/mind becomes it’s natural expression, unfettered by the false idea of being a separate individual, with all the neurosis, hate and fear that come with it. […]

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On Personhood

The idea that there is a “person” with something to do is very persistent. It is the same idea that attaches to a “sense of mission” such as saving other peoole and the world. The notion that on e character in a dream can save another character in tge dream, and indeed save the whole […]

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The dance of Shiva

Seems so obvious. The world appears in awarerness. Always known it. Never not known it. Yet this “person” did not know it. Hide and seek. The universe playing hide and seek with itself. Someone asks what it is. I want to laugh. I want to leap. I want to dance! This condition of not-knowing is […]

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Transcend identity

Transcend identity. Go back. Read it again. Transcend identity. In this transaction there is an apparent gain and an apparent loss (from the perspective of the convergence of phenomena which we call a human being). Apparent loss. Really this is no loss. The identity is the sole opaqueness which veils Being Consciousness and Bliss. But […]

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Nothing to worry about

This idea that there is absolutely nothing to worry about is difficult to grasp yet very simple at the same time. You could point to any number of things, both personal and global and say it would be inhuman, callous or indifferent not to worry about them. So we have ask ourselves, does awareness worry? […]

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