The ego is not an object

The ego is not an object. It’s a phenomenon. Like a tornado.  Similarly the ego is also destructive. Similarly, it is also caused by a specific set of conditions. And similarly, when these conditions are not present, neither is the ego.

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The witness

The witness is one is no different from the witness in another. In you this same witness witnesses your world, your feelings and your thoughts.  In me this witness witnesses me seeing you. There is only one. Even if we pretend to be this being that dies away, the witness never dies.

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Seeing from a point of view.

When grappling with the idea that there is nothing but the Self, we may be confused because we appear to have a locality in space. We appear to have a point of view. However, if we enquire into this experience, we find something amazing! Firstly, regarding the sense of vision; it is true that the […]

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